One is Inevitable, One is Optional

It’s about language, and mutual liberation

Two boarding school students, Two very different roads

Mark Zuckerberg is the reason I do what I do.

You or someone you know may be affected.

White Male Privilege, or WMP, is now being recognized as a social disease by psychologists and experts in the field of public health. The Center for Social Diseases, CSD*, has released these guidelines for understanding, diagnosing and treating White Male Privilege.

How common is White Male Privilege?

White Male Privilege…

We all carry a line from our ancestors into everything we might create in our own lives

As parents, our actions always send a message. Hosting a Red Party tells girls they can own and celebrate an essential part of themselves. Menstruation is both a taboo and a function of power. This is true, not only in the ability to re-create life, but in the heightened senses available to women throughout their cycles. It is clearly time to let our young women (those with a female body, regardless of gender identity) know that these senses are actually super-powers, to be claimed and revered.

Vanessa Osage

Author, Speaker & Nonprofit Leader, Vanessa Osage, is healing corruption with truth and reform. Creator of The Justice CORPS Initiative at The Amends Project.

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